World Congress on
CBRNe Science and
Consequence Management

Chemical and Biological Medical Treatment Symposia

An Introduction to the CBMTS-Industry series


In early 1993, Applied Science and Analysis (ASA) of Kaneohe, Hawaii USA and Battelle Memorial Institute of Columbus, Ohio USA attempted to develop a baseline of international information on antidotes and planned medical treatment for military and civilian medical casualties, in both peace and war. What we found was an almost complete lack of international communications across the full spectrum of chemical and biological medical treatment. To remedy this situation and to develop the format to ensure communications across this most important arena, ASA, with the complete cooperation and support of Battelle and the SPIEZ LABORATORY, Switzerland, developed the process and initiated the international meetings we today call the “Chemical and Biological Medical Treatment Symposia (CBMTS)” series.

The CBMTS Industry series actually started with a paper by Col. Zvonko Orehovec and Maj. Slavko Bokan given at the CBMTS II in Spiez in 1996 which for the first time highlighted the part that industry played in the overall protection schemes required of all nations. The paper was “Chemical and Biological Warfare without Chemical and Biological Weapons” and the rest is history.

That paper was of immediate and intense interest to the assembled group of 95 professionals from 28 countries. Based on actual incidents that affected their chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries during their recent war, they very ably highlighted a danger that every country could face in the event of military actions, sabotage and especially terrorist actions, as well as major incidents or accidents involving these industries. Today TICc and TIMs and chemical and pharmaceutical industries and accidents and incidents whether by man or nature are part of our daily lexicon – and ladies and gentlemen, it started here with the CBMTS.

We believe the current world situation in regards to terrorism in general and chemical, biological and radiological terrorism in particular, demands we provide our best knowledge and resources to the problems that confront us across this arena.

Building on the base of the very successful CBMTS-Industry I in 1998, which was the first international science and medicine symposium on the role of toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) and releases of these TICs via acts of war and terrorism, we now seek a more comprehensive understanding of the problems associated with chemical, biological, nuclear and radiological terrorism.

The CMBTS (Chemical and Biological Medical Treatment Symposia) series was started in 1994 in AC-Laboratory in Swiss Spiez and up to now 18 scientific symposia have been organized, 8 in Switzerland and 7 in Croatia. CBMTS-Industry series started in 1998 when a symposium titled CBMTS Industry I – "Eco Terrorism: Chemical and Biological Warfare without Chemical and Biological Weapons", during which a successful exercise Kutina '98 was held. The exercise showed possible consequences of the attack on chemical industry which could be greater than if the chemical weapons were used. CBMTS Industry series of congresses started in conjunction with the First World Congress on “CBRN Terrorism” from 21-27 April 2001.

This CBMTS platform provides a meeting place to unify specialists from all over the world and to offer them an opportunity to exchange their views on current scientific and medical trends in related field. We believe that this gathering can be used as yet another very meaningful contribution to peace and stability in the world.

The very tragic events of 9/11 graphically demonstrated the importance of our CBMTS approach at bringing together the world's very best professionals in science and medicine to explore at the outer edges of science and technology, the most important issue facing the international community. Although the success in this approach has been continually documented for many years, we, as the CBMTS, will continually rededicate our total efforts towards defining the issues, surfacing the problems across the NBC science and medical spectrum and applying our best efforts at developing solutions that would most benefit our world community.

With CBMTS-Industry VII “The World Congress on CBRN Threat and Terrorism”, which was held from 10 to 15 April 2011, we will now have over 4,000 professionals from almost 120 different countries attend the CBMTS. The next CBMTS meeting, CBMTS IX, will be held at the Spiez Laboratory, Switzerland in the spring of 2012.